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Don't miss the opportunity to excel in West Coast Swing from the ground up.

Our Fundamentals Courses are designed to acquaint you with core elements that define this dance.

Whether you're a beginner keen to grasp the essentials or aiming to hone your current abilities, our courses accommodates all skill levels. Experienced dancers can also expand their horizons by mastering the opposite role, enhancing their adaptability on the dance floor.

All Classes held at Rosedale Community Association (901 - 11 Avenue NW)

Fundamentals - 1.0 Course

Learn the basics of timing, connection and technique.

9 WEEKS April 25 - June 20

Start time: 6:30pm (55 minutes)

$125 / person 

Fundamentals - 1.5 Course*

We take you to the next level with expanding your foundation.

*Familiarity and comfort with the 5 basic patterns is a prerequisite for this class.

9 WEEKS April 25 - June 20

Start time: 7:30pm (55 minutes)

$125 / person 

Fundamentals - 2.0 Course*

Intermediate-level course designed to amplify your skills beyond the fundamentals and fortify your WCS foundation. Intended for dancers committed to enhancing both knowledge and proficiency,.

*Proficiency of basic patterns (including the whip & tucks), timing and technique are prerequisites for this class.

9 WEEKS April 25 - June 20

Start time: 8:30pm (55 minutes)

$125 / person 


*** If you are new to Shok Dance, receive 10% off your FIRST group session***

**Input "WelcometoShok" at checkout**

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