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Fundamentals - 1.0 - 12-week course

Embark on your West Coast Swing journey with us! Join our Fundamentals series, designed to introduce you to the essential techniques and patterns that underpin this beloved dance style.

Whether you're a newcomer eager to grasp the basics or seeking to reinforce your existing skills, this course caters to all levels. Even experienced dancers can benefit by learning the opposite role, enhancing their versatility on the dance floor.

We will skillfully lead you through the fundamentals, imparting knowledge and fostering confidence in your dance abilities. Emphasizing technique, timing, and connection, this course will elevate your West Coast Swing proficiency and bolster your confidence as a dancer.

Seize the chance to master West Coast Swing from its foundational elements. Enroll in our Fundamentals series today and immerse yourself in the joy of WCS!

Thursdays - January 11 - April 11

(No class March 14 & 28)


All Classes held at Rosedale Community Association (901 - 11 Avenue NW)

$160 / person for 12 weeks

**Uncertain about diving into the entire course? That's perfectly fine – we're thrilled to offer you flexible options that let you pay for and attend exactly what fits your schedule and needs.**

*** If you are new to us, receive 10% off your first group session***
**Input "WelcometoShok" at checkout**

Why learn West Coast Swing?

West Coast Swing gained popularity because of its refined style and ability to be adapted to contemporary music. During the late 1950s, the dance began to gain national recognition and has continued to grow in popularity until the present day.


After nearly five decades, West Coast Swing has endured the test of time and it’s no surprise why. This adaptable dance incorporates many forms of swing including the Lindy, Shag, Whip and Push. Versatile dancers, eager to display their talent, are continually innovating creative and interesting movements in swing.

Here are some reasons why you should learn West Coast Swing:

  • You can choose almost any type of music to dance to. You’ll be able to dance to your favourite songs. West Coast Swing since it can be fast or relaxed, soft, or authoritative. This makes it a suitable fit for Top 40, pop, rock, blues, jazz, and anything in between.

  • It’s an equal partnership dance. WCS is a conversation between each dancer; the leader initiates the dance, but the follower can assist and add some zest to the "conversation." This constant interplay keeps this dance fabulously exciting. Finally, along with Argentine Tango, it is the only other western dance where it is “socially acceptable” for two men or two women to dance with each other (sexual orientation is irrelevant).

  • You can incorporate other dance techniques. With WCS, you can incorporate different styles of dance, such as Ballroom, Country, Latin, and Hip Hop, among others.

  • Creativity is highly recommended. Out of all types of partner dance, West Coast Swing gives dancers the most flexibility when it comes to being creative. A lot of people love West Coast because it's like a smooth roller coaster ride, and once the basic patterns are learned, many "surprises" can be added. You may find that you are even surprised by yourself when dancing by spontaneously inventing creative steps and patterns!

  • Versatility & Practicality It can be done slow and sexy, smooth and sophisticated, or fast and rhythmically to most types of music, including Top40, R’n’B, classic Swing, Jazz, Funk, Blues, Pop, Country & Western and Hip Hop. People of all ages can use it anywhere, anytime, and with any music. You can dance West Coast Swing in a club, at a wedding, or in a restaurant and have the staff tip you for entertaining their guests!


Register for a class today!!

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